Is Your Information Complete?

The questionnaire. 3d

As we continue to embrace and use technology in the commercial real estate business, we need to get better at promoting the space or property we are marketing. Just having incomplete information about your marketing campaign, when others are presenting complete information, may cause your space or property to be overlooked.
When researchers are looking to find the spaces or properties, either for themselves or their clients, they want to see complete information, so that they don’t waste their time having to do more research to get the information missing from incomplete records. When discussing what they are looking for, they want to be able to contrast and compare the different choices to get to a small group, so they can focus on the choices they have found.

When they find incomplete records, those without quoted terms, they usually just pass over them. With that in mind, I asked them what information they want to see when they are searching for space available to lease. Below I have added the list that they gave me.

I hope this list of documents and information will help you be prepared to put your property on the market to show your available space for lease.

1. Good pictures or maps
2. A PDF of your Leasing brochure
3. Quoted rental rate ranges
4. Quoted lease term range
5. Type of lease, full service, Industrial gross, NNN…
6. PDF of the available suites
7. A comment on the individual suite with some good characteristics
8. The leasing agent’s contact information.
9. The total available space, largest and smallest contiguous space
10. The quoted rates and term for the property in general and the lease type.
11. The different items like amount of office, air conditioned, rail served…….
12. Amenities

With this information you will be able to set up a great and complete marketing campaign!

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