MYRETA Premium Marketing

MYRETA Premium Marketing

We are offering you MYRETA’s Premium marketing tool for $100 a month per property.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to market one property, use MYRETA’s Premium Marketing. You can send it to a few buyers, a few thousand buyers or even a few million buyers for the same price and a few clicks.

MYRETA Premium Marketing delivers the entire selling process:

• Create an email flyer

• Upload your Teaser / OM / CA / Financial Information

• Set up your marketing team

• Drag and Drop your doucments into the War Room

• Upload your marketing list

• Send out your campaign

• Track it real time

• Set permissions for your documents

• Follow up with built in email system

• Reports updated automatically with all activity and emails through platform


MYRETA is only $100 per month per property!

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See below for additional details:


Marketing Dashboard

• Easily view and edit current and past campaigns in your marketing dashboard. Update / edit your campaign, work in your automated activity worksheet, access the document / war room, manage the buyers, edit and view reports, and track buyer activity all from here
• Enables marketing all your listings that are For Sale, For Lease, or needing Debt and Equity
• View and edit the property page, property website, space for lease, stacking plan, and download signed confidentiality agreement if applicable for that campaign

Activity Worksheet

Take control of your listing with your activity worksheet. MYRETA gives you the central hub or dashboard you need to control every aspect of your listing including collaboration, communication, viewing and reporting thru the automated activity functionality.

• Communicate and correspond with buyers both individually or in mass through the integrated email system
• Add notes and activities on each buyer or in mass regarding phone calls, reminders, etc.
• All emails and notes are automatically recorded and stored in the activity worksheet and can be viewed on screen or through your reports
• War Room and activity document security and campaign / report organization are built around deal statuses, not just numbers
• All recorded emails and notes can be seen, edited and added by all team members with editable access
• War Room document access is given by a team member with editable access
• Search, sort and filter for easy navigation through your buyer list

Integrated Document War Room

• Drag and drop your folder and file structure directly into the war room
• Integrated electronic signatures for documents protected by a confidentially agreement
• Integrated war room status updates upon signatures
• Multiple statuses to control who sees which sets of documents

Update the Campaign and Flyer at Anytime 

Update all aspects on the campaign from one screen

Custom Email Flyer

• Fully customizable email flyer including enabled html source code capabilities
• Automatically pulls your colors, logo, contact info and team from profile
• Includes links to the document storage / war room where views are automatically tracked and can be protected by a Confidentially Agreement which can be signed electronically through the system
• Add and edit team members, text boxes, videos, aerials, maps and pictures to create the perfect email flyer

Mange Email Lists

• Upload and manage your marketing email lists of your favorite buyers
• The integrated email system automatically tracks your unsubscribes and hard bounces to keep your list clean and up to date and more importantly, keep you from getting a spamming reputation


Custom Activity and Audit Reports

• Tracks and records all your buyer’s activities including, email sent, views, opens, downloads and statuses in a custom report
• Auditing of documents opened, downloaded or viewed

Manage Campaign Buyer List

Easily add one to thousands of buyers to an ongoing campaign

Customizable Notifications

Only receive the notifications you want throughout the campaign while others on your team can customize theirs separately. Keep your campaign and team up to date.

Search Archived Campaigns

View your past campaign(s) buyer list and activities through downloadable reports. A must for new business.

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Market to the Buyer Profiles in MYRETA

Every MYRETA user that has a buyer profile that matches your listing criteria will be sent your campaign after you approve who it is being sent to. This way your listing gets to people specifically wanting that type of listing even if you don’t know them

Add Your Listing to MYRETA Distributor

• Delivers your listing to millions of users on multiple listing platforms
• Automatically updates your edits to your chosen sites

Jack Minter

Ethan Minter

Take Your “Posting and Hoping” to the Next Level!

The MYRETA Distributor can distribute your listing information to a dozen different listing sites (over 12 million users) with one click, for free!

 As we continue to roll out the marketing capability of MYRETA I am still puzzled why some do not place more emphasis on marketing their availabilities. Instead there seems to be more emphasis put on “we are looking at rolling out a CRM, rolling out some type of new reporting tool, or rolling out a new accounting system.”

While these are needed, it seems that some think that a couple of these have something to do with marketing. Let’s face it, if we don’t find and close deals, the CRM, reporting tool, doing budgets and the accounting don’t amount to much, right?

The most common marketing strategy for most of us is posting on listing sites and hoping for someone to find that listing. “Posting and hoping”, while popular and can be effective, is not the only marketing strategy.

A combination of being sure you have your and/or your client’s availabilities “out there” for folks to see on listing sites plus some direct campaigns will always yield better results.

Because most do still do not combine some direct marketing with posting-n-hoping, MYRETA has developed the only technology that takes posting and hoping to a new level, for free!

Let’s do some math. Let’s say you are currently posting and hoping on one platform. That’s great because you are most likely getting your availabilities out to interested parties. Now take the same availabilities, add them to the MYRETA automated distributor and you can send the same availabilities to tens of millions of interested parties at the push of a button. The MYRETA Distributor takes your listing information given and distributes it to multiple listing sites with one click!

You can now tell your client or know yourself that you are truly “boiling the ocean” looking for users for your availabilities. So, if you are going to be a post-n-hoper, be a great one!

Email me at to set up your MYRETA automated distributor. That way you will be able to do more deals and can afford the new reporting software, a better CRM or maybe just put some more money in your pocket!, the only complete CRE marketing platform.

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Market, Market and then Market Some More


So, you or your client has just bought a property. You have been involved with the process for a month or so and “sharpened” your pencil a time or two so you could win the bidding process.


Now what? Well generally, you will try to implement the business plan you have developed during the due diligence process, right? You know, the one where you cut expenses, do some renovations, build out some spec suites, add time saving and energy saving techniques, and oh yea, market the available space you have to fill the asset to the percentage in the business plan.

Over the past 30 years of working on capital market transactions, I have seen this process played out thousands of times. What I find interesting is that while there is new technology to monitor and measure different expenses, the physical needs of taking over a property, reviewing the budgets to look for savings, renovating and updating the property or systems and developing spec suites has not changed at all! We are dealing with a physical property that has certain characteristics and needs.

There are people and companies that excel at this take over process and have done it so many times, they have the process down to a science! The skills that are used to complete the takeover, while complicated and detailed are however, the science of owning a property while the leasing and re-leasing of the available space in the property I would call the art!

It seems even the Republican candidate for President of these United States agrees and named a book, “The Art of the Deal”. Therefore I must be right, right?

OK, let’s get to it!

I believe most of us would agree that properly positioning the property is extremely important and can save you money both in the short and the long run. However, you can only take this so far until you start wasting money and time. You have to remember that every dollar you spend needs to be returned plus a return. This positioning needs to go to a certain level and stop.

If you are the person that has to market the property for lease, sale debt or equity, you will need to evaluate this positioning and sell the positives and explain around the negatives. Therefore it would be a good idea to have thorough knowledge of the property and its systems.

So now let’s look at the “Art” of marketing!

If you are the person that is the team leader of the team in charge of leasing the building you are well aware that you have to achieve the goals set out in the business plan. The representative of the ownership of the property expects you to be focused and position your marketing campaign to achieve the goals they have made for this asset!

Over the next few weeks, I will focus on some of the different techniques I have seen and used to market properties over the past 30 years. I have tried, succeeded and failed in different attempts and market assets and may have some tips that will help you through without some of the failures I have had.

One reason we developed MYRETA was to assist in marketing. The functionality we call “My Property” lets you take a quick look at all of the properties you are marketing or managing. Having this ability in one place that allows you to look at your availabilities will save you time from looking in multiple places and make sure the availability are correct. Unlike other programs that let you just see a report, the MYRETA platform allows you to look at the information, change it in real time and make sure your information is correct and current.

Send me an email at to set up a demo to see how MYRETA can assist you in becoming more efficient in marketing and managing your properties.

How to Develop an Email List: Landlord Edition Part 2


Since there are four different types of transactions in our commercial real estate world, leasing, selling and raising debt and equity, we will need to look at how to develop a good marketing list in each type of transaction. We will look at developing these lists from the landlord side. We will also look at developing these lists from the user.

Let’s look at developing a good list for the capital markets. This includes Sales, debt and equity, we looked at the leasing last week.

We will assume that you have developed the minimum requirement of having all of the facts about the asset available to market. Buyers, lenders and equity sources won’t spend much time on a deal that doesn’t have at least the minimum amount of information. I won’t look into what these minimums are in this paper.

So now that you have your information ready to market, how do you develop a list to send it too?

If you are marketing a property that you want to send to as many buyers, lenders and equity sources plus their representatives as needed or agreed upon. I presume one of the main reasons you are hired is that you know the right folks to market a property too.

A couple of the different capital market areas are a bit easier than others to get a good list. The lenders and equity sources are always out looking to place capital in deals and market themselves more readily than a lot of the buyers. I’m not saying it is that easy and even if you get a good list, you may have a difficult time getting your email or call returned in a frothy market like we are in now.

There are lists in different publications of lenders, equity sources and buyers that can get you started on getting a good list together. These lists usually have the top 25-50 or so in each category to get you started. Some are in specific type publications while others may be in your local business journal.

The second list is quite a bit more work and since it is, not many will undertake the job.

Going beyond just the normal is where good can become great. “Successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t!”

So how do you go about getting this list? The first step is to decide what type of asset you will be focused on meaning office, industrial… In some markets you have to focus on one type to be competitive while in others you will have the ability to work on many types.

The best list of buyers, lenders or equity sources are obviously the ones who have completed a deal or several deals in the product or the area you are working. These are found in publications, deed records and by networking with others. This takes time and persistence.

The next step is a bit tougher since the one you are looking for now are the groups in each category that didn’t win the deal but had the capability to close as well. This list is the one you will have to spend a lot time and energy to continue finding these sources. Once you are a known deal maker in the product and area that you have focused on, these sources will start seeking you out and make keeping your list easier.

Let’s wrap this up.

Being able to develop and send focused emails to the capital market sources when you want to sell, need debt or equity for a property will allow you to get the best market price and terms for your deal. Good luck!

I will discuss developing email lists to track and find users of space next week.

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One and DONE Again


The MYRETA Distributor is ready for you to take advantage of a powerful new property marketing system. By using the service for FREE, you can either upload your property marketing information, or manually enter it into the MYRETA platform. Once it is loaded, your data will be pushed out to over 20 different web-based marketing services so that your marketing opportunities are seen by everyone, everywhere! We can even distribute your data to your website, providing daily updates.

The number of marketers using MYRETA and the Distributor is growing rapidly. Our customers already have around 50,000 properties in the system, and they are utilizing MYRETA to market their space for lease or sale. These property leasing and sales opportunities can now be distributed daily to the 30,000 plus MYRETA subscribers, and distributed daily to the whole CRE world through the MYRETA Distributor by automatically connecting to those other web-based marketing services. You are probably going to be sending your marketing data to millions of users!! Where else can you do that for free?

Contact me at to set up a demo on how this can free up a lot of your and your team’s time!

If you haven’t set up your profile in MYRETA yet, set it up as well, for FREE. That way you will be notified if a property or space matches your criteria!

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Are you really sure your available space and properties for sale are correct?

report(63) (3)

While I have been developing MYRETA for our CRE industry, I really take a lot of time to be sure the platform will perform as you need it to. One of the areas that I focused on early in the process and continue to get feedback on is the indirect market of your properties.

No matter if you think everything is correct and up-to-date, how do you know unless you can see the data? So where do you go to check your available space to lease, the deals you are selling or if the debt and/or equity campaigns you are marketing are right? I know when I owned properties, I made sure everything was exact before I left for home every day.

What I have learned while questioning the tenant reps, tenants, buyers, lenders and equity sources is that they continue to look for deals after hours and if your deals aren’t in the different services you use or if the information is wrong when they do their search, you are OUT, and you don’t even know you lost a deal!
Here is an example. Let’s say Ms. Big tells Mr. Medium to pull data for a meeting she forgot they had the following morning and then has to leave the office. Mr. Medium then goes down and tells Mr. Little the same thing and then leaves as well. That leaves Mr. Little to pull the information needed, get it in order and have it ready to be bound the following morning for the meeting.

Mr. Little pops open several databases looking for six or so deals that match the criteria he heard from Mr. Medium and from Ms. Big. He finishes the search and then he goes home. Now I know that some of you are saying, that’s not how it works here. I am Ms. Big, Mr. Medium, Mr. Little and the binder of the book!!!!
Anyway, I think you get the idea. If you are marketing what they are searching for and your information is either incorrect or hasn’t been posted, you just lost a deal that you will never know about!

Shouldn’t you be able to go to one place to see what is at all of the different services and your website? I think so. Otherwise your information may be different in different places. You should be able to put the data in once and know it will be pushed to all of the services immediately, including your website!
Email me if you want to get started doing this. MYRETA already has multiple firms using this feature. BTW, it is FREE!!! You put in data for free and others can see it for free and contact you.

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Why do you use Single Silo CRE Technology?


How many different platforms and websites do you need to open and log into every week to do your job? If you don’t do that anymore, how many sites do your staff and employees have to belong to, coordinate with and spend time logging in and copying and pasting data from one to the other to market and report on the deals and properties you are working on?

Why would you log into all of these when there is finally a one-stop-shop? One of the subscribers mentioned that he has to open 18 different sites to do a deal!!!!

I suppose a reason for all of the verticals you have to deal with is that most of the developers of CRE sites aren’t brokers. Some are CRE managers and others have never worked in our industry. The ones that were developed by brokers normally only do one vertical because that is all they know how to do.

While that is OK for a few, it does not do anything for those who need to do multiple functions to market deals. It really just makes us have to figure out how to copy and paste out of the new site so you can do your reporting!

Because most of the CRE technology is only a single silo technology, meaning that each one of these new sites was developed to solve one single issue wastes the time of the person doing deals. So even if the technology actually worked in the favor of the deal makers, you still have to open several different sites to look-up information, develop a campaign, send clients comps, develop a war room, see a stacking plan or set up a property tour. What a waste of time trying to coordinate all of this when the technology is supposed to make our lives easier and better!

“Time is not money because it never returns.” – Amit Abraham

“Time cannot be saved, it can only be spent, and if not spent wisely and well, it is wasted.” ― Henrietta C. Mears

Don’t waste your time of your team’s time! Find an integrated cloud based platform to use and free up your and your staff’s time to do more deals or take a weekend off!

You should check out It is the only fully integrated CRE platform in existence!