How to Properly Purchase an Email List

William Mariani is our guest writer this week. He is the developer and owner of Youman Media Group – a full service marketing company that specializes in commercial real estate.1412CPC_buy_email_list

How to Properly Purchase an Email List:



I could completely start and end this blog with the above “Don’t” as it is simply is the biggest no-no you can do in email marketing.  The sellers of purchased list are not concerned about getting permission from the recipients or even verifying if they are valid email address (even if they say they do verify, they don’t) and this leads to spam compliants, invalid email addresses, and even worse – spam traps.

All of the above have an absolute negative effect on your delivery as it drives down your sending reputation.  Spam traps, can get you blacklisted immediately.

Purchasing a list is equivalent to playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun – YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO LOOSE.

So, when it comes to purchasing a list the negatives far outweigh the potential rewards……so DON’T.


About Youman Media Group:
Youman Media have their own email delivery system and are experts in the email marketing industry. They have a team that works specifically to ensure the highest delivery rates possible – from graphics, delivery specialists and law experts that know the details of each email law in each country – all working together to ensure that their clients emails are build in such a way to respect the best email practice guidelines of the ISP’s, that their emails are continuously monitored to ensure no email damages the sending reputation of the client, and lastly, but most importantly that no email goes out that would violate CAN-SPAM (US) and/or CASL (CANADA). They currently provide marketing services to companies such as Colliers, CBRE, Caldwell Banker, Transwestern, Royal LePage Commercial, etc. If you would like to know more about Youman Media’s email please go to

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