Market, Market and then Market Some More (4)


So now that we have discussed getting the assignment and then working up the story you will be using to market the available space or the property, what are you going to do next?

I believe there are two very good but very different ways to market commercial real estate. Each one has its pluses and minuses. As I study this, it seems that most of us seem to use just one of these and excludes the other, I think to their detriment.

Using just one type of marketing is like a boxer who only chooses to use one hand to box. The left hook the boxer uses over and over may be the best left hook in the business but, pretty soon it will become completely ineffective if it isn’t used in concert with a right jab every now and then, right?

I look at either using Direct or Indirect marketing of commercial real estate the same as a boxer using just one punch. It would seem that by using both, you may be more effective in your marketing campaign than just using one.

The fantastic thing about is that it gives you the ability to market both Indirectly and Directly using the same system so that you don’t lose any of the marketing focus you need to be successful! It is Commercial Real Estate’s only One-Two Punch!

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Let’s begin by looking at using only Indirect (Posting & Hoping) marketing for your campaigns.

What I am calling Indirect marketing of commercial real estate is only using services and possibly your website to market your available space or properties. I have been known to call this “posting and hoping!” I personally don’t think just “posting and hoping is a very good marketing strategy!

While focusing just on this marketing strategy, you join millions of others that are only just using this strategy as well. Please don’t misunderstand, using this strategy is like using a left jab. It is an essential and very useful tool. However, it is very much at best a neutral strategy, neither offensive nor defensive in nature. It is a strategy that must be done if you are marketing commercial real estate.

So why, when it is a necessity, do so many of us not keep our marketing information current and up to date on our own website, much less on the myriad of services that are out there to be used by us to get our message out where we want it?

Hmmm, let’s take a quick look in the day of someone who is tasked to market and close a transaction. I will assume most of us have some sort of a to-do list we use to keep up with all of the different items we need to get accomplished. On that list we will have all of the personal things we have to deal with for the day plus a list that may include; a company meeting to discuss your pipeline, completing the pipeline report for your firm, for this month, filling in yesterday’s calls and property showings for the different deals you are working on for your clients, making the cold calls you need to make, setting up meetings with buyers, tenant and their representatives to look at the deals you have, working on a proposal to get a new deal, showing the properties you are working on, meeting with your team to update the marketing materials, taking a client to lunch, responding to proposals, negotiating letters of intent, selecting winning bidders, coordinating and negotiating contracts with several parties, closing a deal so you will get paid, preparing a presentation for a client to show your progress, and oh yea, updating the marketing information in your website and the other six or seven sites that you promised your clients you would market their information on! No biggy, right?

With a list like that, it is a wonder any of us have any hair left even after one day, much less doing this day after day, week after week and year after year!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if you put your marketing information in one time, in one place that you would know that it will be disseminated to all of the marketing sites you want it to be sent to so that your information would be timely and correct everywhere all of the time? Here at MYRETA we call this One and Done!

The technology you need to do this is called MYRETA Distributor. It can be used to automatically send your marketing materials wherever, and in any file format, so you don’t have to. It will free you and your team’s time to focus on all of the other items on your to-do list, especially the ones that make you money!

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