Market the Visible; Sell the Invisible

Have you ever noticed the flyers you get or even the ones you send out for your available spaces for lease or your teasers for your properties for sale? I have been reviewing some and I noticed there was a lot of facts on them but not a lot of selling!

Here is what I mean. These marketing pieces are chock full of facts. Addresses, size of property, how many spaces are available, nice pictures, contact information….. Well some have enough facts. You may want to check yours to be sure that if you were the person you send these too that there are enough facts to get them interested. If so, congratulations! Now you have just started to sell what you are wanting to sell.

Facts are great, pictures are great but these fall short. You know, most buildings look the same when you are looking out of them, not looking at them. Since you are supposedly wanting these folks to come and look and then lease or buy your property, why are just pictures of the outside of the property so important?

Having the facts of the property isn’t an option, it is a requirement. I also think having the spaces available, the quoted rates, type of lease, quoted terms and a PDF of that specific suite and a stacking image is a must. Some don’t think so but, why not? Don’t you have these? Don’t you or your agent know the market well enough? If you don’t have these items, it seems like you don’t.

Since we have gone over the visible, let’s look at the invisible.

I look at the invisible as points of a property that you need to “sell” or discuss either verbally or written or both. These items include anything that you or others would want perspective tenants or buyers to know about the property. These include the amenities, transportation, ingress & egress, ownership and technical information like LEED or other energy or natural resource properties of the property.

If your property has a “better” way to be driven to than another way, you may want to include specific instructions. If there is a preferred way to come into the property once they arrive, you will want to be sure you have discussed that with them or, meet them when they arrive so they will come into the property that way. Sometimes you will need to get with ownership to get the best path established.

I hate to say this but, clean that pathway, paint the smudges, make sure the bathroom’s smell and look great!  These folks are going to be spending the next few years at your property. If it looks or smells bad when you are showing them the property and space, they will be concerned that it gets worse going forward.

Once you leave where you met, be sure to do the same as you show them the spaces that they are interested in. Clean them up and show the prospect you want them there.

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