MYRETA Premium Marketing

MYRETA Premium Marketing

We are offering you MYRETA’s Premium marketing tool for $100 a month per property.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to market one property, use MYRETA’s Premium Marketing. You can send it to a few buyers, a few thousand buyers or even a few million buyers for the same price and a few clicks.

MYRETA Premium Marketing delivers the entire selling process:

• Create an email flyer

• Upload your Teaser / OM / CA / Financial Information

• Set up your marketing team

• Drag and Drop your doucments into the War Room

• Upload your marketing list

• Send out your campaign

• Track it real time

• Set permissions for your documents

• Follow up with built in email system

• Reports updated automatically with all activity and emails through platform


MYRETA is only $100 per month per property!

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See below for additional details:


Marketing Dashboard

• Easily view and edit current and past campaigns in your marketing dashboard. Update / edit your campaign, work in your automated activity worksheet, access the document / war room, manage the buyers, edit and view reports, and track buyer activity all from here
• Enables marketing all your listings that are For Sale, For Lease, or needing Debt and Equity
• View and edit the property page, property website, space for lease, stacking plan, and download signed confidentiality agreement if applicable for that campaign

Activity Worksheet

Take control of your listing with your activity worksheet. MYRETA gives you the central hub or dashboard you need to control every aspect of your listing including collaboration, communication, viewing and reporting thru the automated activity functionality.

• Communicate and correspond with buyers both individually or in mass through the integrated email system
• Add notes and activities on each buyer or in mass regarding phone calls, reminders, etc.
• All emails and notes are automatically recorded and stored in the activity worksheet and can be viewed on screen or through your reports
• War Room and activity document security and campaign / report organization are built around deal statuses, not just numbers
• All recorded emails and notes can be seen, edited and added by all team members with editable access
• War Room document access is given by a team member with editable access
• Search, sort and filter for easy navigation through your buyer list

Integrated Document War Room

• Drag and drop your folder and file structure directly into the war room
• Integrated electronic signatures for documents protected by a confidentially agreement
• Integrated war room status updates upon signatures
• Multiple statuses to control who sees which sets of documents

Update the Campaign and Flyer at Anytime 

Update all aspects on the campaign from one screen

Custom Email Flyer

• Fully customizable email flyer including enabled html source code capabilities
• Automatically pulls your colors, logo, contact info and team from profile
• Includes links to the document storage / war room where views are automatically tracked and can be protected by a Confidentially Agreement which can be signed electronically through the system
• Add and edit team members, text boxes, videos, aerials, maps and pictures to create the perfect email flyer

Mange Email Lists

• Upload and manage your marketing email lists of your favorite buyers
• The integrated email system automatically tracks your unsubscribes and hard bounces to keep your list clean and up to date and more importantly, keep you from getting a spamming reputation


Custom Activity and Audit Reports

• Tracks and records all your buyer’s activities including, email sent, views, opens, downloads and statuses in a custom report
• Auditing of documents opened, downloaded or viewed

Manage Campaign Buyer List

Easily add one to thousands of buyers to an ongoing campaign

Customizable Notifications

Only receive the notifications you want throughout the campaign while others on your team can customize theirs separately. Keep your campaign and team up to date.

Search Archived Campaigns

View your past campaign(s) buyer list and activities through downloadable reports. A must for new business.

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Market to the Buyer Profiles in MYRETA

Every MYRETA user that has a buyer profile that matches your listing criteria will be sent your campaign after you approve who it is being sent to. This way your listing gets to people specifically wanting that type of listing even if you don’t know them

Add Your Listing to MYRETA Distributor

• Delivers your listing to millions of users on multiple listing platforms
• Automatically updates your edits to your chosen sites

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