Take Your “Posting and Hoping” to the Next Level!

The MYRETA Distributor can distribute your listing information to a dozen different listing sites (over 12 million users) with one click, for free!

 As we continue to roll out the marketing capability of MYRETA I am still puzzled why some do not place more emphasis on marketing their availabilities. Instead there seems to be more emphasis put on “we are looking at rolling out a CRM, rolling out some type of new reporting tool, or rolling out a new accounting system.”

While these are needed, it seems that some think that a couple of these have something to do with marketing. Let’s face it, if we don’t find and close deals, the CRM, reporting tool, doing budgets and the accounting don’t amount to much, right?

The most common marketing strategy for most of us is posting on listing sites and hoping for someone to find that listing. “Posting and hoping”, while popular and can be effective, is not the only marketing strategy.

A combination of being sure you have your and/or your client’s availabilities “out there” for folks to see on listing sites plus some direct campaigns will always yield better results.

Because most do still do not combine some direct marketing with posting-n-hoping, MYRETA has developed the only technology that takes posting and hoping to a new level, for free!

Let’s do some math. Let’s say you are currently posting and hoping on one platform. That’s great because you are most likely getting your availabilities out to interested parties. Now take the same availabilities, add them to the MYRETA automated distributor and you can send the same availabilities to tens of millions of interested parties at the push of a button. The MYRETA Distributor takes your listing information given and distributes it to multiple listing sites with one click!

You can now tell your client or know yourself that you are truly “boiling the ocean” looking for users for your availabilities. So, if you are going to be a post-n-hoper, be a great one!

Email me at jack.minter@myreta.com to set up your MYRETA automated distributor. That way you will be able to do more deals and can afford the new reporting software, a better CRM or maybe just put some more money in your pocket!

MYRETA.com, the only complete CRE marketing platform.

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