Let’s take a quiz to check your email marketing skills


Now that you’ve developed a Marketing List, what do you do with it?

Send it out with stuff on it, right?

We’ve spent four weeks looking at how to and how not to develop a marketing list that you can use to show your available space, property for sale or needing debt or equity. We also went over how to develop a list to send to users of space or properties. Now that you have developed the list you wanted and it is ready to use, what is the best way to get the most out of it? I thought it would be fun to have a short quiz to check your email skills!

So answer as best as you can. The prize for the most correct is making more money than those who don’t score as well!

Here are a few questions.

  1. 1. Now that your list is ready, what is one of the best ways to use it?
    1. M.  Send out a professional brochure?
    2. A.  Send out a half-assed brochure?
    3. B.  Send out a really long boring brochure?
    4. C.  Procrastinate a month or so to let some of the contacts move to other firms and change their email.
  2. 2. Is there some specific kind of server you should use that helps my emails get to the people on my list?
    1. A.  No, all of them are the same.
    2. B.  You should just use the email server in your office, it will be fine.
    3. Y.  You should use a service that is white-listed so your campaign goes to as many contacts as possible.
    4. C.  You should always use a Gmail, Yahoo or other email besides your work email because they work better.
  3. 3. What type of email service should you use, if one?
    1. A.  You shouldn’t use one, they are a waste of time and money.
    2. R.  You should use one that only focuses on the commercial real estate business.
    3. C.  You should use one that really has no focus.
    4. D.  You should use one that mostly focuses on sending holiday cards.
  4. 4. What type of integration should there be between these email campaigns and your campaign?
    1. A.  None, I like to waste time and have to copy information back and forth all day.
    2. B.  Some, because I like to look busy doing stupid jobs so I can get some overtime every week.
    3. C.  Some, because I only have to open 4 or 5 programs to do my work.
    4. D.  A little, that way I can show the client one set of data and we can see the other.
    5. E.  100%. It saves me time and me and my team money!
  5. 5. Why do some people make money with one list and others can’t?
    1. A.  The ones that make money are “lucky!”
    2. B.  The ones that make money always have family members in the business.
    3. C.  The ones that don’t make money always for get to push “Send.”
    4. T.  Successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t!
  6. 6. Is it good to allow all of your team members and your client to be able to track the campaign?
    1. A.  Of course, that would let the team be more effective and efficient
    2. B.  No, that is way too easy.
    3. C.  No, what if I didn’t want to do much one week and they saw I didn’t make any calls.
    4. D.  No, I hate to really collaborate on my campaigns. I just talk a big game!


OK, let’s see how you did. If the letters of your answers are MYRETA, you are 100% correct! I suppose that means you should use MYRETA to send out your direct campaigns.

Photo Credit: http://go.sdsu.edu/


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