One and DONE Again


The MYRETA Distributor is ready for you to take advantage of a powerful new property marketing system. By using the service for FREE, you can either upload your property marketing information, or manually enter it into the MYRETA platform. Once it is loaded, your data will be pushed out to over 20 different web-based marketing services so that your marketing opportunities are seen by everyone, everywhere! We can even distribute your data to your website, providing daily updates.

The number of marketers using MYRETA and the Distributor is growing rapidly. Our customers already have around 50,000 properties in the system, and they are utilizing MYRETA to market their space for lease or sale. These property leasing and sales opportunities can now be distributed daily to the 30,000 plus MYRETA subscribers, and distributed daily to the whole CRE world through the MYRETA Distributor by automatically connecting to those other web-based marketing services. You are probably going to be sending your marketing data to millions of users!! Where else can you do that for free?

Contact me at to set up a demo on how this can free up a lot of your and your team’s time!

If you haven’t set up your profile in MYRETA yet, set it up as well, for FREE. That way you will be notified if a property or space matches your criteria!

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